Feeling frustrated and stuck in your business?

Create the business you truly desire.

If you’re like most fempreneurs, you are probably experiencing some of the common frustrations:

  • You are struggling to find clients to grow your business.
  • You are stressing about not getting enough sales to pay your bills.
  • You are tired of being in feast and famine mode.
  • You are frustrated and feel like you are still living paycheck to paycheck.
  • You have not yet experienced your financial and time freedom that you so desperately crave.
  • You are losing sight of your original vision.
  • Your support network is getting smaller and smaller as you are encouraged to just give up on your dream!
Choose to do business differently … MASTERMIND with Business Sisters
No matter how you are feeling right now, remember …. you are still searching for options and looking at all the possibilities available to you.   You had a choice to make

Choose to do business differently and MASTERMIND with Business Sisters

No matter how you are feeling right now, remember …. you are still searching for options and looking at all the possibilities available to you.
You still have HOPE!
You could have packed your bag and ran a mile by now, yet you are still seeking the magic that you signed up for when you decided to start your own business and do what you are passionate about.

You’ve still got a lot of fight left in you for your business and that’s what we are looking for in this mastermind. Bringing the passion out in your business and shine a light on your brilliance.

How often do you look around wanting to share with someone …. anyone who will listen and not judge about the struggles in your business?

You want to pick the phone up and just chat with someone to talk therough your latest business idea.

Something magnificently powerful happens when women come together and support each other in achieving their deepest deires. I have experienced and witnessed so many successes from being a part of masterminds where the transformations just work for themselves.

That’s why I launched my very first mastermind in January 2018 and I LOVED it!

So much so, that this is my third.

The transformation and support gained by those involved have been amazing:

  • Life changing decisions resulting in:
    • changing business offerings
    • leaving a 9-5
    • returning to 9-5
    • relocating states
    • selling and buying property
    • increasing turnover in business
    • and so much more
  • Shifts in the direction of business, redesigning their offer and ideal client.
  • Gain invaluable feedback from ideal clients within the group.
  • Captive audience to give feedback on your business.
  • New insight and stragety supporting you success.

I’m Debbie, your Inner Brilliance Coach and Business Mentor, Founder of the Inner Brilliance Academy and #1 International Best Selling Author.


I have been coaching and mentoring women, just like you and a few great men too, to be inspired by their choices and to live a life doing what they are passionate about, living a purposeful life and knowing that they have infinite possibilities available to them.


I’ve witnessed businesses birth, brands re-establish, visions gain wings and confidence soar in my past masterminds.


I’m here to support your vision along with a few supportive sisters.

Your Challenges are Real!

You may be feeling like your business is just a hobby and that you are ready to quit!
You are not alone!

Female entrepreneurs have been working in isolation for years, feeling like they have to do it alone. They can’t share how their business is really doing for fear of what others will say … resulting in them accepting failure! Remember you are a woman in business, juggling multiple conflicting roles – entrepreneur, mother, wife, daughter, boss and so much more!   You are:

  • Balancing your business and family life
  • Coping with fear of failure and fear of success
  • Wanting to please everyone else and putting yourself and your dreams last
  • Not accepting the opportunities right in front of you for fear of self doubt.
It’s time to stop the pity party of one and start owning your brilliance.
The struggle is real!
Yet you have a choice ….. choose to do things differently!
Do this with the support of business sisters!
There’s no need to give up on your dream and life a life of freedom, doing what you are passionate about!

My Love for Masterminds

I fell in love with Masterminds 4 years ago when I had my experienced first hand the power of having powerful sisters coming together bi-weekly. I noticed that something magical happened when women came together to support each other in their business – seeing others succeed and cheering you on to your successes is pure joy.
I developed  my own special process for masterminds and perfected them with my own personal secret sauce!

Since then, I have been a part of a year long mastermind and then hosted two of my own which were hugely successful. I have witnessed the significant impact that a sisterhood of entrepreneurs can have on the lives and women, including:

  • relocation to a different state
  • upleveling in their homes
  • starting new businesses
  • creating new programs and courses
  • increasing the price of services
  • and even making the decision to step into employment whilst starting businesses – accepting the reality of life is so pure and true to yourself
  • and so much more
  • a crystal clear vision of your business;
  • well defined and realistic goals;
  • a well formed plan of action; 
  • successful strategy to support your business growth;
  • accountability and support from business sisters to support your business goals;
  • learning from others experiences,
  • a community of collaborative partners;
  • training and new insight for your business growth;
  • culminating in your personal Blueprint for Success.
  • adding FUN to your business!

I am so lucky to have been a part of Debbie’s mastermind. She is so attuned to each of us, and really creates a warm and supportive space for us to share with each other and grow. I feel like I have learned so much about myself. I entered this mastermind during a particularly hard time in my life, and I am so thankful for Debbie’s presence, wisdom, and insights. Particularly, the way she thinks about Self Care and Support Systems were eye-opening, and just the things I needed to hear! Also, if you have the opportunity to add on a one-on-one chat, I highly recommend it. Debbie is so intuitive and really gets to the heart of the matter. The best part of any interaction with Debbie is how present she is in each and every moment. A mastermind with Debbie is the transformational experience you’ve been seeking.

whats included?

If you truly want to put the passion and success in your business and embrace your authenticity, knowing your next steps and having realistic goals, with the support of a community of sisters who fully accept you for who you are with no judgement, this mastermind is for you.   Its time to put YOU at the center of your own Universe and your BUSINESS.
Lets take your business to the next level together!
This mastermind takes you through the process of:

  • Connecting or Reconnecting You to Your Business
  • Brand Identity
  • Business Vision
  • Business Scope
  • Business Systems and Processes

It’s time to put YOU at the center of your own Universe and your BUSINESS.

how the mastermind works?

The mastermind supports you as follows:

  • Start – the Mastermind kicks off on Monday 7th January with the first call on Wednesday 9th January.
  • Weekly Calls – 12 weeks of calls until 31st March  (including 6 dedicated weeks of hot seats where everyone has the opportunity to focus on their business and gain individual support).
    • ​Calls will take place on: Wednesdays at 2pm EST (11am PST and 7pm GMT)
    • Can’t make the calls – no problem! All calls are recorded, so you can catch the audio replay.
  • Facebook Community through private Facebook Group to celebrate successes, gain solution for challenges, receive and share support and have fun throughout the week.
  • Training videos available each week to support your journey, based on topics covered.
  • Two (2) One-on-one strategy sessions during the duration of the 12 weeks for each participant.
Your Investment
I’ve made it easy for you to choose by making the investment really low and making payment options available to meet you where you are right now:

Modules included

This mastermind is more than meeting and sharing challenges, stories and getting support and being held accountable. There is a weekly training topic to support you in your journey. The modules vary depending on the group and generally follow the same process below. Although intuition guides us through the focus based on the theme of the shared experiences each week.

Module 1 – Assessment

Module 2 – Mindset
Module 3 – Vision

Module 4 – Scope (1)

Module 5 – Scope (2)

Module 6 – Scope (3)
Module 7 – Systems Module 8 – Brand
Module 9 – Marketing Module 10 – Launch/Re-launch
Module 11 – Implementation (1) Module 12 – Implementation (2)


why join a mastermind?

Big Benefit #1 – Different Perspective The closer you are to your situation, the less likely you are to see some of the obvious opportunities available to you. In situations like this, where you are seeking to introduce positive changes and growth in your business, an outside perspective becomes invaluable. Members of your mastermind group will be able to add that new perspective by sharing their view.
Big Benefit #2 – New Ideas Being in a mastermind, not only adds new perspective, it allows for new ideas to be formed and introduced by others. Everyone brings different strengths to a mastermind which feeds into supporting others in their individual business journey. This will support you in gaining new ideas which others are able to share with you and sharing new perspectives allows you to form new ideas yourself.
Big Benefit #3 – Strategy Being able to talk to others about the desires and goals of your business and identify powerful strategies with other entrepreneurs is one of the most significant benefits of being in a mastermind. If you are unclear about your next steps and how to reconnect with your business. Imagine having an entire session focusing on your business as you sit in the hotseat, gaining invaluable feedback, views and insight on specific challenges that you are facing in your business.
Big Benefit #4 – Invaluable Support Having amazing support systems in place is vital in creating a successful business. Whether you are just starting out in your business and creating your vision, or you are a seasoned entrepreneur looking at growing your business support from like minded entrepreneurs. You have realized that your friends and family do their best at being supportive, yet there are some of your desires and goals that you shy away from sharing with them for fear of being judged or that they may not understand your business vision. Your mastermind sisters are here to provide the support that you know is not available elsewhere. There are here to support you during the challenges, celebrate your successes with you and become business sisters along the way.
Big Benefit #5 – Business Networking Being a part of a mastermind, allows you to meet weekly with women and network with a captive and engaging audience. With supporting networking, you have the potential to reach new audiences and even participate in collaborative projects.
Big Benefit #6 – Affiliates Being a part of the mastermind sisterhood allows for opportunities to be affiliates for others and invite others to be affiliates for your business. This gives both parties, opportunities to cross promote with other members in the mastermind. You both have the benefit of introducing your own community/tribe to additional resources.
Big Benefit #7 – Accountability Accountability is the secret sauce to any great mastermind. Without consistent action, its pointless being involved. All strategies require you to take action and implement. Being present on a weekly basis and sharing your goals and updating on your progress, sharing your challenges and celebrating your successes is one way of ensuring that you have consistent momentum within your business.
Modules Included
Each week of the mastermind is filled with lessons from Debbie’s experience and from your business sisters shared experiences.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Debbie Belnavis-Brimble’s guidance, encouragement and support I’ve received during her leadership in our Mastermind group. Debbie intuitively guides others to be their best selves in a way that stretches you to grow but also that meets you from where you are in your journey and gently encourages you to feel incredibly safe while being challenged just enough to really show you that you can achieve the next level of your greatness with more ease than you might believe possible.

Her ability to speak about topics that help you to understand more clearly how and why we do certain things in certain ways really helped deliver an awareness to me that assisted me in moving forward with more ease and less resistance because of how she explained the way our brain works in certain situations. She has a very calm presence that makes you feel as though you can do anything if you simply believe in you!

I would highly recommend attending any event in which Debbie is sharing or facilitating as Coach and/or Mastermind Facilitator. She is a brilliant Coach with a unique ability to really help you feel great about who you already are while supporting you and truly caring about the advancements and growth she knows you are capable of achieving.

The value Debbie brings to her sessions and Masterminds are priceless and after a session with Debbie you feel just as amazing as she sees you. That alone is worth taking in any program Debbie leads.

Judith Richardson Schroeder

SubConscious Behaviorist, Guidance from Within Coaching, Best Selling Author of the book One Magnificent Yes!