Create an Environment for releasing your Brilliance

When thinking about performance, the first thing that comes to mind is all the amazing athletes around the world, representing their country in the Olympics and other sporting events.  We are not all Olympians though so how does this apply to us?  Well we can learn a lot from these sports men and women, by adapting some of their principles.

Of course these amazing athletes have the physical strength to be champions, yet often the brilliance of their mindset goes unnoticed.  They have to be focused on being successful, confident in their abilities, have extraordinary inner strength, determination and resilient to keep going.  Introducing just a few of their strategies will leave your performance enhanced for any situation.  Five of those inspirational habits to help maximise their performance is shared for empower you to be a consistent performer.


Tell Yourself Positive Messages

The stories you tell yourself, your loved ones and others are so powerful.  So rather than saying, “I can’t”, I won’t”, replace these with “I can” and “I will.”  If you find non positive thoughts creeping in, thank your unconscious mind for sharing, bless those thoughts and move forward with even more positive self-talk.  These conversations that you have with yourself will become even more powerful as you fill yourself with lots of self-love for yourself and all your positivity will filter out to others in your circle.


Be Mindful

Practicing mindfulness is becoming more commonplace as coaches, therapists, psychologists, counselors advise their clients to introduce this to their daily routines.  The popularity of mindfulness is increasing in recent years as it is endorsed by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Davina McCall and Angelina Jolie.  The growth in its popularity is as a result of studies carried out by Oxford University have discovered that mindfulness practices focusing on breathing and suspending judgment and criticism is effective at treating depression.

Introducing mindfulness to your daily routine is as easy as sitting or lying down comfortably, closing your eyes and begin by noticing how you are feeling from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  Checking in with every inch of your body – is each area of your body feeling hot, cold, tense, relaxed?  How are you feeling in each area of your body : your toes, feet, legs, thighs, hips, bum, stomach, back, chest, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, face and scalp.  As you scan your body, be aware of your breathing.  Enjoy the moment of focussing on you in the present moment and enjoy.  Taking just 5 or 10 minutes out each day will help you be more focussed on your day and what you are doing.


Clear Vision and Focus

Having clarity of exactly what it is you are working on achieving (your vision) and always having that vision at the forefront of your mind (your focus) will help you to keep you on track and remain with your eyes on the prize.  Set clear goals which are also SMART, being Specific about what you want to achieve, ensuring that it is Measurable once you have achieved your goal, checking in that your goal is Achievable and Realistic and always setting a Time to achieve your deadline.  Once you have declared your SMART goal, always having a reminder of your goals is great way of remaining focused at all times.  You can achieve focus on your goals in several ways, including using vision boards – displaying an image of what your goal looks like, visualisation – allowing you to see in your minds eye what your goals will not only look like, but also feels like, smells like and even tastes like, using all your senses.  These are the two easiest ways of keeping focused.

Undeniable Self Belief

Believing in yourself and your own abilities is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself.

“Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man.  But sooner or later the man who wins, is the man who thinks he can”

– Bruce Lee

As Bruce Lee says the winner is the person who thinks they can.  When you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything you set out to accomplish.  Having an undeniable self-belief where you know that you can achieve anything, allows you to be successful in all your efforts.  When you have any doubt in yourself, get a notepad and pen and start to identify all the facts that disprove this.  You will end up with a list of all the things that prove just how brilliant you truly are.


Have Your Own Cheerleaders












Surround yourself with your own team of cheerleaders rooting you on.  Your cheerleaders should know your desires and goals and are supportive of you and what you are working on achieving.  Your cheerleaders can be family members, friends or even virtual friends.  Some of the best supportive buddies known in recent years have been in Facebook Groups of like-minded people with common goals and interests.

You can also have an accountability buddy, who you can work with at achieving each of your goals.  Athletes have coaches for a reason, helping them to be successful by keeping the vision in focus at all times, maintaining perspective, challenging to push to the next level, being objective, motivating and encouraging.  In the same way a coach works with an athlete to achieve their realise their vision and successfully achieve their goals, your coach could also be another part of your cheerleading team.

Share your successes and challenges with your cheerleaders, your accountability buddies and your coach and enjoy celebrating your successes together.  Just knowing there are others out there who have your back and who are rooting for you is a great motivation to keep you focussed on your successes.

 In the words of the great Muhammad Ali …..

 “Champions aren’t made in gyms.  Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision.  They have to have the skill and the will.  But the will must be stronger than the skill”

– Muhammad Ali

My Challenge to You!

I challenge you to go and be your own champion today, dig deep within yourself and realise just how brilliant you are in all that you do.  You have all that you need to be successful and perform at your highest standards, you just need to share those positive messages with yourself, practice mindfulness in your daily routine, gain clarity of vision to help you remain focused, create undeniable self-belief and find your own cheerleaders.

Here’s to your brilliance and achieving all that you set out to today and always.

Be Brilliant, Be True, Be YOU!

Debbie xx